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Author: Andy Pond

January 2021


Back in 1971, a small printing company started up in a shop front in Southend-on-Sea. Fifty years later and Formara continues to be a thriving business, just a little more modern than the days of the Multilith 1250 printing press that the company started with.

The warm, friendly approach to the way Formara conducts business has been welcomed by everyone around us. This culture has underpinned the success of the company, which has built an enviable reputation as a business that people love working with, both as suppliers and customers. Investments through the years have helped Formara stay ahead of the game. We embrace technology and the way it supports our desire to answer the challenges faced by our customers.

A lithographic printing company through the 70s and 80s, Formara invested heavily in a raft of finishing and binding options. We added digital print capability through the 90s and started variable data printing as we approached the year 2000. Direct mail arrived at Formara in 2000 with the addition of inserting lines to our finishing armoury. In 2016 we invested in a multi-channel marketing suite to support our customers drive to communicate through personalised print and e-mail.

Formara’s ability to adapt and rise to any challenge that comes our way has given us a competitive advantage through the years. This has led to us being privileged enough to work with some of the biggest organisations in the UK and beyond. Organisations such as Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO – later The Stationery Office), Ford Motor Company, Rover Cars, Shell, British Airways, UCL and BSI have all entrusted Formara with their work. However, we were equally comfortable working with the many small to medium size charities and businesses we are fortunate enough to be able to help.

The dawning of the digital era in the 90’s and 2000’s saw the biggest challenge to Formara as businesses moved many of the documents they had previously printed to CD and, ultimately, online. In typical Formara style, we embraced the challenge and diversified to offer a wider variety of services including personalised print, direct mail, fulfilment and we were probably one of the only printers in the UK to employ 2 programmers working on database driven solutions for our customers.

In short, the technological revolution affected our print business but we not only survived, we thrived to become the technically advanced multi-channel communications business we are today. Formara continues to provide a wide range of services to a client base that spans many different sectors including market research, local authorities, universities, banks and charities amongst others. Print4London.com, our online brand continues to bring in new business opportunities which supports our ongoing growth.

Of course, technology is only a part of the success story. Without the best people to innovate and discover creative solutions, technology would be pointless. These same people are THE reason for Formara’s success and longevity. Many of the people at Formara now are long serving employees of 15, 20, 30 years plus. They all understand the importance of relationships with customers and suppliers that Formara has built its reputation on over the past 50 years and has been the bedrock of how we do business. People are what makes us Formara and to everyone involved with the company, past and present, we salute you!

It was our people that helped Formara through what has proven to be an extremely difficult year in 2020. They have helped the business to once more adapt and have shown incredible flexibility which was vital to develop and deliver a new solution for print, fulfilment and logistics to aid the UK Government with COVID-19 testing. Over 2 million test kits produced and posted, is testament to Formara’s ability to deliver – we never sit still!

Whilst celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2021, we will continue to work on and improve the winning formula. We will look after the Formara team, investment in more new technology to keep ahead, support our customers and really looking after and taking care of the people that work both within and around our company.

Here’s to the next fifty years of progress – bring it on world!... We’re ready for you.

Be sure to check our ICYMI page regularly for further updates on our 50th year.

Be sure to check our ICYMI page regularly for further updates on our 50th year.



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