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Since 1970, Formara has been at the forefront on print in the UK. But print accounts for just one aspect of a whole suite of online and offline communication materials that are available to consumers and companies nowadays. Over the years, our customers and their customers have started using digital communication channels and formats more and more. And as their needs, preferences and requirements evolved, so have we.

As part of our Digital Transformation, we have extended our service to include digital channels. This means we now provide integrated print and digital marketing communications that cover both online and offline formats - with us, print and digital work in harmony. Multi-channel marketing is essential for every business to thrive and we can mix and match your print and digital marketing communications amnd campaigns to suit your requirements and your customer’s preferred methods of being marketed to.

Unlike many other print companies, we can seamlessly and efficiently marry print with digital formats, thanks to our Automated Integrated Marketing service (for further information please visit www.take-aim.co.uk). And unlike many digital marketing agencies, we have solid expertise in print communications. We design and print everything in-house; our customer service team and designers are experts in their fields, with many years’ experience working in B2B and B2C design and print.

You can read more about Formara's digital transformation in our article, 'Integrate, Automate, Communicate'.

Our in-house expertise, coupled with the use of the latest technology, ensures that you will receive high-quality print projects with a fast turnaround every time. The Formara Customer Service team will liaise with you throughout your project. They will manage the project through proofing within our design and studio department, choose the best option between litho and digital printing and advise on the best finishing or binding methods for you. And don’t forget the delivery, which could be directly to you or your customer via our own vans, approved couriers or the postal system. We have contracts with Royal Mail, Onepost and Secured to ensure the best deal for volume post is available to you.

Talk to us about the variety of options open to you for your next project.


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