Using Direct Mail as part of your integrated marketing strategy

Nobody consumes information solely offline or solely online. Most people will use both online and offline sources to decide on a purchase. And understandably so! After all, we now live in an interconnected world that makes it seamless if communicating by print, in person, by phone or online.

This is even more evident when you are thinking of making a new purchase. You are likely to ask your family and friends for opinions and recommendations, you will browse customer review sites and various websites before deciding to buy a service or product. Research suggests that consumers spend more than two-thirds (67%) of their purchase journey online or on digital channels before they make a decision.  From a business and marketing perspective, this leaves a ‘gap’ of about a third of their time that you could tap into to promote your brand or product offline, in print. As we have noted in another article, print is a channel that has been proven to stick in someone’s mind a lot longer and in more detail than digital adverts and marketing messages.

Digital marketing or print marketing?

It is not a matter of Digital Marketing vs Print Marketing. The key to a successful campaign is to use Direct Mail as part of an integrated marketing strategy. Even just sending an email after a direct mail campaign makes consumers 40% more likely to recall your brand than when you keep these two marketing channels siloed. 

So, imagine how significantly your response rates could increase when you create an integrated marketing campaign that consists of printed direct mail + email newsletters + personalised webpages (pURLS) and other personalised modules. Now go one step further and automate this process: Setting variable parameters (‘triggers’) for every step of the customer journey will create a consistent marketing experience across all channels and feel highly personal to each individual recipient.

Creating a campaign like this could be complicated. But with Formara’s experience and our sophisticated marketing platforms, we can help you achieve it and start to reap the rewards.

Personalised marketing

Personalisation might be as simple as incorporating a name into a student prospectus, or a one-off discount code into a flyer. But, it can go beyond just text personalisation to imagery too. It can be as sophisticated as the inclusion of a driver’s actual vehicle or the addition of a map and driving directions on a motor dealer’s brochure.

At Formara, we have two powerful tools that can help you integrate your print and digital marketing campaigns.

One tool is Variable Data Printing (VDP), a powerful marketing solution with limitless applications. The VDP process delivers customised, versioned and personalised printed pieces by merging a template with a database. The result is a unique document tailored to each individual recipient.
Our other tool is AIM, or Automated Integrated Marketing, a data-driven platform that:


gives you a better insight into your campaign performance,


enables you to analyse your client behaviour,


segment demographics,


clears up your legacy data,


lets you track, analyse and tweak your communications in real-time,


lets you determine triggers at each step of the customer journey, so that each recipient receives messages in the format, channel and frequency that they prefer.

Why use Formara?

As long-established printers, we had to adapt to the digitalisation of the world around us, and we have seen how our clients’ demands changed as well. So, we understand the need to create a link between offline and online communications from our own personal experience, our experience in the industry and our clients’ evolving needs.

Print is not dead, but it is evolving. We now use our expertise in print to build seamless omni-channel marketing solutions that integrate direct mail with digital marketing strategies. We can build campaigns for you, or you could use our white label solution to create your own campaigns from templates we create for you.

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