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Personalised printing is nothing new but done properly it should not be limited to just the name and address on a letter. The Variable Data Printing (VDP) process delivers customised, versioned and personalised printed pieces by merging a template with a database. The result? Unique documents tailored to the recipient.

This personalisation might be as simple as incorporating a name into a student prospectus, or a one-off discount code into a flyer. But, it can go beyond just text personalisation to imagery too. It can be as sophisticated as the inclusion of a driver’s actual vehicle or the addition of a map and driving directions on a motor dealer’s brochure.

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VDP is an increasingly powerful marketing tool and its applications are limitless. After all, your audience in more likely to read specific, tailored content that can be delivered by personalised print. Talk to us about how it might increase your response rates and deliver greater ROI across your campaigns.

… mailed directly to your customer

Formara have many years of experience in direct mail. We have gained a good reputation starting with market research companies who posted hundreds of thousands of questionnaires and reminders to gather information. Those same skills were transferred to a variety of sectors including charities and banks.

Formara is an approved provider of MailMark with the Royal Mail and holds contracts with downstream access companies like Onepost and Secured Mail. This means Formara offers the best possible discounts on volume posting.

And we can print stamps too!  [Image of stamp envelope]


But what about the data?

Good question and it’s not a simple answer!

Data protection has always been of paramount importance at Formara, which is why we are ISO27001 Information Security certified. We have data privacy policies in place with a number of clients who require extra reassurance based on the type of high-profile and secure work we produce.

Compliance with GDPR is an absolute must and as a data ‘processor’ we take our responsibilities very seriously. We are happy to discuss your requirements on an individual project or across the flow of data for your whole organisation.


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