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Author: Andy Pond

March 2021




Throughout the 70’s and early 80’s Formara had built an enviable reputation for producing black and white printed products such as manuals and training books. But that was going to change in an extraordinary way.

Formara was commissioned to produce A4 posters depicting the tomb of Tutankhamun which would be sold at an exhibition of King Tut’s treasures in London. Simple by today’s standards with all our modern print equipment but a very different story in 1985-Formara.

The Challenge was set...

To print Tutankhamun in 4 colour process using a printing press that is built to only print one colour – piece of cake! Oh yes, and we forgot to mention that our single colour press is only designed to print A4, so there was none of the stuff that makes a printer’s life easier today. No cut marks or registration marks, no colour bars, no bleed*, no chance…

Like most challenges thrown at Formara over the years, we rose to the occasion and inked up the press. Even if we do say so ourselves, the results were pretty impressive

Not so much the ‘Curse of Tutankhamun’ but the face of things to come

And so began Formara’s first foray into the world of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) – four colour process printing. It would be another 10 years before we invested in our first 4-colour printing press, but the groundwork was laid in 1985.

Today, Formara will produce a range of products in high quality CMYK print on our two 5-colour presses and, of course, digitally with the benefit of personalisation. We run marketing brochures, stationery, surveys, leaflets, postcards – in fact, you name it and, at some point in our first 50 years, we’ve probably printed it.

But we haven’t forgotten our roots either. We still output a huge amount of black and white print for, amongst other things, training manuals, market research, proof books for publishers and personalised questionnaires.

* Apologies for the technical references but to those with inky fingers this really is quite impressive. Feel free to ask if you would like to understand more about print production and we will be happy to send you some information.

Be sure to check our ICYMI page regularly
for further updates on our 50th year.

Be sure to check our ICYMI page regularly for further updates on our 50th year.


Some 'colourful' products you might find interesting:

Some 'colourful' products you might find interesting:



With loads of options for marketing brochures, training booklets, annual reports and much more, Formara is the best place to get your Brochures and Booklets.


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High-quality leaflets or postcards from Formara – perfect for promoting your events, services or products...

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