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Author: Andy Pond

February 2021




Once upon a time (well 50 years ago in 1971 to be precise), a small printing company started in the seaside town of Southend-on-Sea. All was good with the printing company, known as Formara, but something was amiss.

Formara was missing an identity… a logo… a brand.

Then one day a magician crossed the threshold of the Formara premises for the purpose of buying some leaflets and letterheads. The grand magician came bearing a rabbit on parchment to signify his expertise at pulling such creatures from a hat (very 70’s but the kids loved it!).

Upon seeing such a logo, the wise operatives from the department known as ‘The Studio’ hatched a cunning plan and a new slogan:

“Formara reproduces quicker than rabbits!”

And so, after a little negotiation with the grand magician, it came to pass that the rabbit became the symbol of all things Formara. But that is not the end of this tale.

The rabbit enjoyed many years at the top of the Formara brand. But one sad day in the year 2006, the rabbit was banished from letterheads and compliment slips, posters and leaflets - the beloved bunny was consigned to Formara’s history. A new image representing the printing industry with four colour blocks to signify the cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks with which the company used to print took the rabbit’s place.

For 9 long years Formara’s identity was once again lost and they looked much like many other printing companies of the time. But in the year 2015, in secret behind closed doors, a plot was ‘conjured up’ (see what we did there) to resurrect the Formara rabbit. ‘The Studio’ once again came to the fore. With a fresh new suit and a strong connection to Formara’s long and proud history – the Formara rabbit was born again.

And to this day the magical Rabbit once again stands proud and
represents all things Formara!

And the moral of this story…

…well there isn’t one really, it’s just a bit of fun to tell the story of how Formara ended up with a rabbit logo.

Be sure to check our ICYMI page regularly
for further updates on our 50th year.

Be sure to check our ICYMI page regularly for further updates on our 50th year.



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